Matt Wilson Honey and Salt Cover

Matt Wilson and his release of “Honey and Salt”

Music inspired by the poetry of Carl Sandburg
Apple iPhone X Face ID Patent Cover

I dissected Apple’s patent to figure out how iPhone X Face...

Retroactively analyzing a patent application is surprisingly fun, by the way.
Silicon Valley Times - Startup Twins - Episode 1 Cover

Algorithms’ biases can be destructive (Startup Twins: Episode 1)

There are things we can do to mitigate the threat.
News 2017.08.29 Cover

Running a big city like a tech startup

Free chips, I mean crisps, are nigh.
News 2017.08.28 Cover

Why are Apple engineers panicking before the next launch event?

Because iPhone 8 Apple release (get it?)
NASA Hubble NGC 178 Cover

A dwarf galaxy with double identity

If there were any intelligent living creatures in the NGC 178, what would they name us?
News 2017.08.23 Cover

What do elves learn in school?

Answer to be revealed after today's tech news roundup.