School Maker Faire Cover

Making a School Maker Faire for up-and-coming makers

Pak Kau College launched its inaugural School Maker Faire.
Zuckerberg Shirt Cover

Mark Zuckerberg wears the same gray shirt every day. Now you...

A feel-good buy, both mentally and physically.

IBM’s Watson AI has become Wimbledon’s news correspondent

It’s about a lot more than just tennis.
Cleverly Dumb Inventions Volume 1 Cover

Cleverly Dumb Inventions — Volume 1

Some things are not to be taken at face value.
iFuture Education Conference Cover

e-Learning screams isolation? “Teacherpreneurs” explore how it may foster quite the...

The 2017 iFuture Education Conference with serial entrepreneur Erwin Huang from Hong Kong, Junyi Academy CEO Ray Lu from Taiwan, and Super Science High School teacher Ryo Kuramoto from Japan.
Assisting Grenfell Fire Rescue with Tech Cover

Could tech leaders have assisted in the Grenfell inferno rescue?

First-world problems can wait.
Microsoft Wunderlist Cover

Wunderlist users seek alternate to-do apps as Microsoft retires it

As Wunderlist fans actively voice their concerns and disappointment for the app’s eventual demise, the human race is one step closer to living the dreams of the Minority Report. Wait, what?
Heuristic Shakespeare The Tempest Cover

Think Shakespearean plays are hard? Learn them the fun way with...

The year was 1993. Sir Ian McKellen and Richard Loncraine first met whilst producing the movie adaptation of Richard III. One of their principle goals was to make Shakespearean plays more accessible to a wider audience. Some 23 years later, the duo set out on that journey once again.